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Rules Do not beg. Do not talk about other websites to avoid unanswerable questions. Do not engage in behavior that is harmful or detrimental to others. Do not post links. Do not spam. Use the language of the chatroom that you have selected. Do not spread false information about the site. Do not advertise your referral codes in the chat. Do not spoil the outcome of games.
Chat unlocks at level 3
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Coinflip 1.3
item image
Double 0.04
item image
Coinflip 0.69
item image
Champion 14.98
item image
Double 4
item image
Double 2
item image
Taunt: Kazotsky Kick 7.08
item image
Double 10
item image
Coinflip 54.69
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Unusual Taunt: Scotsmann's Stagger Dead Man's Party 11.25
item image
Firebrand 9.65
item image
Double 0.08
item image
Double 0.04

Choosing the winner

Provably Fair

Our slogan - Never trust! Always Verify.

When the time to choose who won comes, we make a request to with the number of total tickets. chooses one ticket and sends it back to us, that ticket is considered as the winning ticket of the game.

The player who has this ticket wins the game.

Together with the ticket, provides us with more information like the Serial Number. This number increases by 1 with every request we make to (We have no control over this number, we can't change it ourselves). We use this number to prove that there was only one request made to and that there wasn't any type of tampering by generating multiple winning tickets and choosing the one that suits the site.

You can check our last 50 request over here: Last 50 Serial Numbers.

Verifying games

Verifying games was NEVER as easy as it is now because of the Verify button that we added to each game.

All you need to do is click on the Verify button and you will be redirected to the official page where you will find the winning ticket, the exact date of when this ticket was generated and the serial number.

Besides that, you can find other information like what parameters we provided to (total tickets for example are reffered as "max"). To make sure that only 1 request to generate a winning ticket for your game was made - Go to the "Last 50 requests" page and look for other requests that were made around the same time (1-2 seconds difference) if you find any requests like that click on "Verify" button next to them and look at the provided data to make sure that they were used for other player games.

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  • Players get awarded with the items shown below at the end of the event. (TOP-10)
  • The countdown above shows how much time is left until the current event ends.
  • For every 0.01 coin you play with you get 1 ticket. Tickets are only granted if there were at least 3.5% site commission taken out of the the game you deposited in. (High Jackpot & Coinflip)
  • For Upgrader, all Upgrades give you 1 ticket per 0.01 coin
  • Steamrep/ scammers are not allowed to join and will not receive their prize.

  • WARNING! If we catch you teaming or using Alt Accounts, you will get disqualifed.
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    First, Congratulations on your win!

    This is a warning message about a scam site harassing our users.

    You may receive a trade offer from them offering you to try their website.


    They keep changing their name, so this is an example of how these scam trade offers may look like:

    If you ever get an offer like this, make sure to block & report their bot.

    (This message won't be shown again.)

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    Please note: You need to wager at least 60% of the coins before you can use them in the market.


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    Please note: You need to wager at least 60% of the coins before you can use them in the market.