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Rules Do not beg. Do not advertise or mention other websites. Do not post links. Do not spam. Use the language of the chatroom that you have selected. Do not spread false information about the site. Do not advertise your referral codes in the chat. Do not spoil the outcome of games.
Chat unlocks at level 3
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Double 2
item image
Coinflip 14.87
item image
Combat Slacks 0.27
item image
Coinflip 17.96
item image
Strange Texas Tin-Gallon 16.04
item image
Double 14
item image
Double 0.14
item image
Double 2
item image
Double 0.02
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Double 3.8
item image
Double 0.02
item image
Double 6
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Coinflip 17.73
Double - Provably Fair
Unlike other gamemodes the results of Double are predetermined, which means we cannot manipulate them. At the start of each day generates a new secret for the day. This secret is then coupled with a round number, which is in ascending order, and with these two values we determine the double color for the round. The currents day secret is always hidden so that you cannot predict the game outcomes, it's shown only after a new secret is in use. Server timezone is UTC same as If you do not live in the UTC timezone are, the server time will vary from your own time. This kind of approach blocks us from influencing the game outcomes since we can't control neither the secret that is generated by or the round number which always goes up by one. Use this tool to verify the results, here is double history:
Date Secret Serial Number Rounds
28/09/2023 SHA-256 Hash (6f1fb1a59627fb4d9d8781c4e5e2d7378888c7a00e4eef8e3b1fdfe02883fd51) 2927415 967022-
27/09/2023 PmA(aA&neB&(G!GWr#Umnet@Cb@EHoHh(wW]Nnqmdaw{RBUypt_SF$M}sneXLN?l 2920792 963580-967021
26/09/2023 nSXLv#dBa_%J!|UD{kNb_aynBo)pATNzxdnmpDQ+s:wjBO&IqWHcrwvt|[FeW#J) 2913075 960138-963579
25/09/2023 ?lD&n@uV&ODiNwlunKKv_]sxsx+j%qUmmG!tJ@KQu?aGWctHkq)raclQKYF#XBel 2903877 956695-960137
24/09/2023 |%kwe&y*Vm{!d&|_nNOc^vcrYRWSsXGXjX+BA!X[]Ncdk(d)MI%Ixvd%!]))}qDg 2893281 953256-956694
23/09/2023 Iq{u+]|]@hC%kE}KNVSWo)srLrJlOtSk|k+[^u#FhCNCQ?KAzl*jDv^mWBNR^ZDE 2885499 949813-953255
22/09/2023 (mg&OgeAP@{YBYnRduNGA?u|S^[qoqqPJbkvr:dE]wnhPo&:nFPATPQh@X!JVqd{ 2877918 946376-949812
21/09/2023 exn({bF!wD[@ZR|yIiv{$@IYCpuAq_kEK(Gr!X?xF]b&L:B+o[E{)SkZhk&oNg{[ 2869943 942936-946375
20/09/2023 CpL|++BM{t_kF&QRW*&n_oruaWFRXUDj}+!)utV!vE:$f$jLW_So:X{WgC}VnxHz 2861101 939496-942935
19/09/2023 dgDfnn)B+s]l[KZuMwbzqRduFJzi]FBP|:MofNX_uYJZlV&eADb+NwNpgZnD[%@o 2854937 936053-939495
18/09/2023 kqDch#khOic]A}_xw^[DNad[$wxODYXz[jsKjTVKHsrlTr}ovQDWeEOEUOqXPFsn 2846908 932612-936052
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  • Players get awarded with the items shown below at the end of the event. (TOP-10)
  • The event is biweekly (every 2 weeks), the countdown above shows how much time is left until the current event ends.
  • For every 0.01$ you play with you get 1 ticket. Tickets are only granted if there were at least 3.5% site commission taken out of the the game you deposited in. (High Jackpot & Coinflip)
  • For Upgrader, all Upgrades give you 1 ticket per 0.01$
  • Steamrep/ scammers will not receive their prize because we cannot trade with them

  • WARNING! If we catch you teaming or using Alt Accounts, you will get disqualifed.
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